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Manchester Tattoo Appeal

In response to the recent terror attack at the Manchester Arena, a group of Manchester-based tattoo artists led by Sam Barber are banding together to raise money for the victims and families affected.

The idea was the brainchild of Killer Ink sponsored artist Sam Barber, who announced that tattoo artists in Manchester will be coming together and offering Manchester worker bee tattoos for £50 this weekend to raise money for those affected by the attack.

Under the name of the Manchester Tattoo Appeal, Sam and fellow artists will be tattooing the worker bee symbol, and other flash pieces, on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th of May.

They are hoping to raise £10,000 for the families and victims of the terror attack that took place on Monday 22nd at the Manchester Arena as concertgoers were just leaving an Ariana Grande show.


Sam will be joined by fellow Killer Ink sponsored artists Jak Connolly and Ash Higham, as well as other Manchester-based tattooists, to try and raise the money for the cause.

The worker bee has been a symbol of the City of Manchester for many years; originally adopted as a motif for the city during the Industrial Revolution, the worker bee symbolises Mancunians’ hard working past and steadfast spirit. It even features on the coat of arms of Manchester City Council!

This makes the worker bee a perfect choice of tattoo to try and fundraise for terror attack victims as Manchester bands together to show that they won’t be intimidated.

You can donate to the Manchester Tattoo Appeal’s JustGiving page here.

Silverback Ink®

When it comes down to which tattoo ink is right for you, it’s all about preference. However, there is one brand of ink that has continued to get rave reviews from tattoo artists for over 10 years: Silverback Ink®.

Silverback Ink® has been a mainstay in the arsenal of black and grey artists for over a decade, but why is the tattoo ink so popular?

First of all, it’s consistency. The same guy who made and introduced ‘The Original’ Grey Wash Series back in 2005 is still making every single batch today! Owner Randy Scott Howell ensures that the quality and consistency of every Silverback Ink® is flawless, and he should know because he uses it too!

As well as being the creator of Silverback Ink®, Randy is a professional tattoo artist with over 21 years in the business, so you know that he knows his stuff. To put it simply, Silverback Ink® is made by a tattooer for tattooers!

What helps make the products so consistent is the use of high-quality ingredients, all of which are vegan-friendly. With more and more tattoo artists turning to animal-friendly products, the fact that Silverback Ink® is 100% vegan is such a draw when it comes to choosing a tattoo ink you can trust and want to use on your clients’ skin.


Don’t just take our word for it though, many of the top tattoo artists in the world use Silverback Ink® for their black and grey work. Artists like Anrijs Straume, Mumia, Phil Wilkinson, and Sonny Mitchell use different washes and sets from Silverback Ink® to achieve their killer tattoos!

When it comes to the different inks that are produced by Silverback Ink®, which one is right for you?

Again, it all comes down to preference. You will find that different tattoo inks from Silverback Ink® are easier to use, depending on what your style is and how you tattoo. The best way to find the perfect Silverback Ink® for you is to try them out!

Killer Ink Tattoo stocks the whole range of EU-compliant Silverback Ink®, so there is more than enough choice for artists. We stock the XXX Series, DARK Grey Wash Series, InstaBlack, Insta10Shade Grey Wash Series, Stupid Black, White and Clear Solution.


As well as offering individual 30ml (1oz) or 120ml (4oz) bottles of Silverback Ink®, we also stock complete sets of Insta10Shade, XXX and DARK tattoo inks.

Each and every Silverback Ink® goes into the skin smooth, fast and even, and mixes well with most colours. Since the grey wash series come pre-mixed, artists have found that their work is more consistent, as it cuts out the guess work of whether your grey washes are too dark or too light.

If you’re still unsure as to what ink you should try first, we can help you out.


Stupid Black – Extremely dense due to the increased surface tension, but not thick. This ink is perfect for all applications, especially those fleshy areas where working too fast will not heal solid. Stupid Black is also great for hand tapping/poking, whip shading, solid fill, or breaking down to a wash.

XXX Black – Very fast. Perfect for fine lines or those who prefer a fast hand motion while working. XXX Black is also great for a grey wash! This is the black ink that Silverback Ink® uses for its XXX Grey Wash Series and DARK Grey Wash Series.

InstaBlack – Normal/medium speed. InstaBlack works fantastic for lining, shading, solid fill or breaking down to a wash. We stock a 10 shade grey wash series (Insta10Shade – the most expanded range offered by Silverback Ink®) that is made from InstaBlack.

Depending on the tools that you use and/or where you’re working on the body, you may prefer one of the black inks to another, or possibly all three!

Basically, whichever black goes into the skin the easiest for you should heal the blackest!

WIN a Critical Atom Power Supply

Want to be in with the chance to win a new Critical Atom Power Supply worth £180?

If you place an order for £150 or more with Killer Ink Tattoo between Monday 22nd May and midnight Friday 26th May 2017, you’ll automatically be entered into a competition to win this awesome power supply!

Whether you need a new power supply or simply want another one that looks cool as hell and is easy to use, the Critical Atom is a great piece of tattoo equipment – so make sure you get entering our competition!

The Atom is the latest power supply from Critical Tattoo, the makers of the CX-1 and CX-2 power stations.


So, what sets the Critical Atom apart from other power supplies? Well, it looks like no other. The colour of the Atom changes depending on the voltage that you’re running your machine on – between 1.5 and 17 volts.

Critical Tattoo’s Atom is also very easy to operate, with all functions adjustable by pushing or turning just one button. You can turn the button to change the voltage and push it to switch on your tattoo machine or change settings like maintained mode and jump start.

All coil and rotary tattoo machines are compatible with the Critical Atom, while you can also connect a foot pedal to the power supply.

Other nifty design features include built-in magnets in the base of the Atom, allowing you to attach it to any magnetic surface. If you want to keep it on a horizontal surface however, then the silicone on the base will ensure that it does not slide about.

The Critical Atom is available to order from Killer Ink Tattoo for £180 and comes in silver or black. You also get a comprehensive two-year manufacturer’s warranty with the power supply.

Take a look at the video below to see just how easy the Critical Atom is to set-up and operate!

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Michael Taguet

French colour realism artist Michael Taguet turned some heads on social media this year with a certain 18+ tattoo…

When he’s not uploading jaw-dropping realistic pieces to his social media accounts, Michael can be found working at his own studio, Yama Tattoo, in his hometown of Saint-Chamond, Loire in France.

Michael Taguet bought his tattoo shop in 2009 and has spent the last eight years creating some of the most incredible realism pieces, in colour and black and grey, that we’ve ever seen!

We’re not just being biased because he is a Killer Ink sponsored artist, he really is that good!


Although he currently owns Yama Tattoo studio, he is planning to sell it soon to open a private studio – hopefully around September this year.

Michael’s work continues to push the boundaries for realistic art, especially a certain piece that caused a bit of a stir online – which you can see here.

All of Michael’s incredible tattoos are created using Killer Ink Tattoo supplies, including the use of Fusion Ink, FK Irons, Electrum Stencil Primer, and Hustle Butter Deluxe – other sponsors of his.

To check out more of Michael Taguet’s unbelievably realistic tattoos, head on over to his Facebook and Instagram pages.


Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith

‘The Scientist’. No, it’s not the name of a boring song by Coldplay, it’s the nickname given to Ryan Smith, one of the UK’s top tattoo artists.

We met up with the travelling tattooist (and Killer Ink sponsored artist) Ryan Smith to film him continuing with the awesome leg sleeve that won him ‘3rd Best Ornamental’ at the 2016 London Tattoo Convention.

Ryan was up in Liverpool guest spotting at Ant and Hazel Nicholl’s tattoo studio Design 4 Life, so it was a great time to catch up with him.

Check out the video below to see The Scientist at work!

Although he can be found guest spotting all over the world, Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith is the lead artist at No Regrets Studio Exeter. NR Studios are based in Exeter and Cheltenham, with a third exciting ‘concept’ studio opening up in London this summer.

Ryan’s large ornamental and realism pieces have been catching the eye at tattoo conventions everywhere. He won ‘Best of Show’ at the first ever Tattoo Collective convention in London in February, as well as taking the top prize at the 2017 Milano Tattoo Convention for a collaboration piece with friend and artist Jay Freestyle.

As well as being sponsored by Killer Ink Tattoo, Ryan is also a Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment Artist and can be seen using the awesome Cheyenne HAWK Pen to create his masterpieces. He is also supported by World Famous Ink and uses its products to get that vibrant colour in his tattoos.


The Great Killer Ink Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming, so we’re inviting you all to an egg hunt!

To get you in the Easter mood, we’re going to be hiding three prize eggs throughout our website, so get ready for the hunt!

If you’re lucky enough to find an Easter egg, simply enter your details and you’ll be automatically entered into a competition to win one of three vouchers to spend with Killer Ink Tattoo.

We have vouchers worth £100 and £200 hidden inside bronze and silver eggs, while the hardest to find gold Easter egg will contain a £300 voucher!

If we’re feeling particularly generous, we might even give out a few clues on our social media channels

Our Easter competition will run from Sunday 9th April until midnight Sunday 17th April (Easter Sunday), with three lucky winners being announced on Tuesday 18th April.

Happy hunting!


Away from the fun and games, we need to let you know about some changes to our opening hours and delivery times during the Easter holidays.

We will be closed on Good Friday (14/4) and the Easter Weekend (15/4 & 16/4), but will reopen on Easter Monday (17/4) for regular office hours.

In terms of our Easter delivery times, any orders placed for standard delivery on Thursday 13th April will arrive on Tuesday 18th April.

Furthermore, orders placed between Friday 14th April and Monday 17th April cannot be despatched until Tuesday 18th April.

That’s all on the information front, so if you’re still unsure, just get in touch with us and we’ll run through it with you!

Sponsored Artist of the Month – Debora Cherrys

When it comes to neo-traditional tattoo artists, there is only one queen, and her name is Debora Cherrys.

Based in Madrid, Spain, Killer Ink sponsored artist Debora Cherrys started on the road to becoming a multi-award-winning tattoo artist in May 2012 and currently works at La Mujer Barbuda tattoo shop in Getafe.

Although Debora says that she wants to be identified with both realism and neo-traditional styles, it’s the latter that has been catching the eye on social media and at conventions.

At the recent Limerick Tattoo Convention, Debora’s incredible neo-trad pieces won her ‘Best of Saturday’, ‘Best of Sunday’ and ‘Best of Show’ – an incredible feat!


While the awards that she has received over the years are a testament to the quality of her tattoos, they don’t fully do Debora justice. She may be one of the best artists in the world, but she’s also one of the nicest tattooists around, always seen at conventions with a big smile on her face and love for her work.

It’s just another reason why we’re proud that she is a Killer Ink sponsored artist!

If you want to check out more of Debora Cherrys’ work, visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.


An Introduction to the Bristol Tattoo Club

When it comes to tattooing institutions, none are as well-known and have as much history as the Bristol Tattoo Club.

The Bristol Tattoo Club, or BTC for short, was the brainchild of the Champion Tattoo Artist of All Great Britain, the legendary Les Skuse.

Les had the original idea for the BTC back in 1951, but it wasn’t until 1953 that the Club was formally started.


The BTC had one main purpose: to heighten the awareness of the good in tattooing and attempt to get away from the misconception that only ‘bad people’ or those in the armed forces had tattoos.

And so, the Bristol Tattoo Club was born, holding its first ever tattoo convention at the White Horse public house in Bristol, before moving to a larger establishment in the years to come.

After many years of successful conventions in Bristol, Les Skuse took the Bristol Tattoo Club across the pond to America, where it had many famous tattoo artist fans like Sailor Jerry Collins and Tattoo Jack.

Les ran the BTC until his death in 1973, when his son Danny (Les Skuse Jr) took over the Presidency. After a more subdued operation, Danny handed the reins over to the latest President, Jimmie Skuse, who began to transform the Bristol Tattoo Club back to its glory days.


The Bristol Tattoo Club is not just about conventions, however. To this day, the Club manufacturers quality old school coil tattoo machines – many of which can be ordered via the Killer Ink Tattoo website.

We also stock a reference book that is a tribute to the old school flash designs of Les Skuse, as well as a book chronicling the history and art of legendary tattoo artist Joseph Hartley, compiled by BTC President Jimmie Skuse.

If you’re interested in joining the Bristol Tattoo Club, you can find out more information by visiting their website www.bristoltattooclub.co.uk.

Damian Gorski – Ushuaia Tattoo London

Ushuaia Tattoo London is the home to some of the UK’s finest artists, including abstract/realism virtuoso Damian Gorski, one of Killer Ink’s sponsored artists and owner of the studio.

We headed back down to London recently and made our way to Fulham to film Damian working on an awesome new tattoo using our supplies.

Check out the video below to see one of his latest pieces!

Damian Gorski has been working as a professional tattoo artist since 2013 and always dreamt of opening his own studio. He turned the dream into reality when he opened Ushuaia Tattoo London in Fulham.

About to celebrate its one year anniversary in April, Ushuaia Tattoo London has been a great success with incredible resident artists working in the studio and many international artists guest spotting.

But let’s not forget about Damian Gorski, aka Gorsky, who has produced some of the best realism, surrealism and abstract tattoos, both in colour and black and grey, over the last few years.

He’s also picked up numerous awards for his tattoos, including ‘2nd Best Realistic’ at the first ever Tattoo Collective convention in London last month.


Karina Cuba - Stigma-Rotary® Pro Artist

We got the chance to interview Stigma-Rotary® Pro Artist Karina Cuba at the 2017 Milano Tattoo Convention and talk to her about her favourite Stigma® machines, as well as the new Soldier and cartridges.

After shooting our feature for the convention, we went to find Karina as the day was winding down and she was working on a stunning rose tattoo.

Karina is a Stigma-Rotary® Pro Artist, so we wanted to get her thoughts on the new Stigma® Soldier and Advanced Cartridge System.

Check out the video below to see what Karina was working on in Milan and what she thinks of the new Stigma-Rotary® products.

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