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  1. Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - zestaw: maszynka + rura, kolor: czarny

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit - zestaw: maszynka + rura, kolor: czarny


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Maszynka do tatuażu Cheyenne Hawk Spirit, kolor: czarny   +1 289,47 zł

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The Cheyenne Hawk Spirit machine is the complete all in one, which delivers powerful strokes and quick punctures. This package consists of the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit machine along with the grip size of your choice. You're all ready to go with your current standard jack power supply, all you'll need is some Cheyenne Hawk needle cartridges.

A sensitive companion of the best quality! The high sensitivity of the Hawk Spirit reacts directly to the different skin types and is therefore suitable for every skin area. In addition, thanks to the ergonomic handle, it fits well in your hand and can be precisely guided due to this. Very silent running during operation also ensures comfortable and stress free work with a low level of vibration.

Small, light and flexible: this is how the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit is revolutionizing the tattoo world and tattoo art. Tattooing using this machine is simpler and much easier to manually do than with traditional machines. It adjusts to every movement being made as well as to the working environment and situation. High quality and high level technology thereby supports free artisitc expression. The Hawk Spirit is easily held and gripped, therefore the ideas of the tattooist are optimally transmitted in every type of situation.

Killer Ink Barrier Grip Sleeves are also available to protect your grip while in use.

Technical Data

  • Hawk Spirit in Black
  • Frequency (punctures/second): 50-150
  • Needle Amplitude (mm): 3
  • Puncture Depth (mm): 0-2.5mm
  • Drive: 12v DC Precision Motor
  • Nominal Voltage: 5-12v DC
  • Measurements: 110 x 75 x 25 (W x H x D)
  • Weight (g): 110

The following statement has been released by Cheyenne regarding unofficial Hawk cartridges:


Fake cartridges leak, are unsterile and grubbily packaged. Such cartidges are extremely dangerous, as they can spread contagious diseases! Also, due to the missing membrane they quickly destroy your machine.

The Original Cheyenne cartridges completely seal the ink feed, so your control unit and machine stay untouched.

All warranties for Original Cheyenne equipment expire!

Thus we strongly advise you not to use the cheap and unsterile copies of our cartridges with theOriginal Cheyenne machines.

All Cheyenne units are subject to maximum security checks and are constantly tested for hygiene, sterility, functionality and quality.

Cheyenne cartridges are of high quality, and they allow you to focus on what you do the best - Create body art!


NB: Your 24 month warranty is valid direct with Cheyenne. In the highly unlikely event that you experience a problem with your product, we will give you instructions of how to contact Cheyenne directly to resolve your issue.

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