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  1. Ręczniki Tattoo Pro-Wipes - DuPont Sontara Range - 100 szt.
DuPont Prowipes

Ręczniki Tattoo Pro-Wipes - DuPont Sontara Range - 100 szt.


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The Tattoo Pro-Wipe

The Tattoo Pro-Wipe by DuPont™ is a replacement of paper towels to improve your tattooing. It is a combination of both cloth and paper towel for maximum comfort and utilisation.

Using DuPont™'s technology, The Tattoo Pro-Wipe is the new standard equipment for tattooing, saving time and money. Why? Because:

  • Depending on the duration of tattooing, you could use as little as 1-2 wipes per customer, drastically reducing bio-waste!
  • Tattoo Pro-Wipes are made in a decontaminated facility, guaranteeing wipes that are free from dirt and debris upon receipt.
  • Super absorbent. Holds more than several paper towels and retains it without falling apart!
  • Non-abrasive, so your customers will appreciate the comfort of their tattoo being wiped clean.
  • They are lint and fibre-free and will not tear or break apart. Which means that no pieces of towel will get caught between the needles during cleaning. This is where DuPont™s technology has succeeded in creating the perfect wipe designed for tattooing.
  • The Tattoo Pro-Wipe will prolong the life of your stencil thanks to DuPont™'s fabric technology. It actually resists the pigment in stencils and stencil solutions, keeping your stencils on for longer.

See and feel the difference for yourself today!

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